EcoTripping Environmental Odysseys by Enthusiastic Amateurs
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Environmental Odysseys by Enthusiastic Amateurs
2019: River Shannon 2018: Tagus Trip 2020: London Lockdown 2021: The Great Glen

EcoTripping is a group of average guys going on trips with an ecological focus:

environmental odysseys by enthusiastic amateurs.



EcoTripping began as Will Bossman (in the back with a plastic cup on his head) paddled down the River Tagus in the blazing summer heat. On his way he was joined by Liam Harrison (in the middle, has the most hair) and the two of them floated into Lisbon together. When they got back, Oli Back, backed the idea (in the front, unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt) and signed up for the next dubious adventure.


That adventure took the form of a paddle down the largest river in Ireland: the River Shannon. On the way they collected plastic found in the river, as well doing some water quality monitoring.


These seem like good things to do so another trip was planned for the Summer of 2020.Unfortunately the pandemic stopped that from happening so a London Lockdown 'lighter EcoTrip' was arranged. Let's hope in the coming years we can do some of our more ambitious plans!


Best way to keep up to date is via Instagram. EcoTrip announcements and interim activities will be posted on there.


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