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Environmental Odysseys by Enthusiastic Amateurs
2019: River Shannon 2018: Tagus Trip 2020: London Lockdown 2021: The Great Glen
The Great Glen


Up and down a mountain, then kayak coast to coast.


8th - 18th July 2021


EcoTripping's next venture will be climbing Ben Nevis and then paddling the Great Glen.



The plan is to take the touristy path up the mountain with the aim of collecting as much plastic and rubbish as we can carry. Then we'll paddle through the Caledonian Canals and onto Loch Ness, again, grabbing all the litter we can get our hands on.


We're also planning some air quality monitoring, measuring air pollution throughout the trip. More details coming soon!


We are currently looking for any environmental volunteering we can include during these dates. If you know of any opportunities please email us at:








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