The River Shannon trip is where EcoTripping was truly born! In July 2019, Will Bossman, Liam Harrison & Oli Back paddled down the largest river in Ireland. On their way they picked up any plastic they could find and took a water quality sensor along with them. Sponsored by Itiwit and McConks who supplied the crafts, the trio floated from Belcoo to Limerick on this low carbon adventure.

Scroll down for photos, maps and info about the trip:
Athlone Sunset
Athlone Sunset
More Info
For a detailed overview of the trip you can use the map above to click on the locations on what happened.
Or you can check out our full blog here.
Or there's Instagram where all the Shannon stories have been pinned.
​​​​​​​A huge thanks to our sponsors McConks and Itiwit for supplying the equipment for the trip. Their generosity made the trip possible:
We would also like to thank The Rivers Trust and Palm Equipment foir their support.​​​​​​​
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